Neuroethics group celebrates summer 2019 undergraduate research program

Submitted by Britta M. Anson on
The CNT neuroethics group celebrates the end of the summer 2019 program. Pictured, from left: Tim Brown, Tatianah Summers, Eran Klein, Erika Versalovic, Sara Goering, Michelle Pham, Paul Tubig, Kowe Kadoma, Ishan Dasgupta

Every year the Center for Neurotechnology ethics group hosts undergraduate research assistants in the neuroethics “lab.” At the end of the 10 week summer program, students give short presentations and share posters of their research projects.

The 2019 summer research assistants were Kowe Kadoma (Florida A&M University) and Tatianah Summers (Seattle University). Each were mentored by graduate students in the Department of Philosophy who are regular members of the Neuroethics group.

On August 21, 2019 Kadoma and Summers presented their research posters and celebrated their work with the Neuroethics team.

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