Congratulations to Associate Teaching Professor Paul Franco!

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Paul Franco

The Department of Philosophy is excited to announce the promotion of Paul Franco to Associate Teaching Professor beginning Autumn term 2021. Franco joined the Department of Philosophy in 2012 for a one-year position as an Acting Assistant Professor. That position was renewed three times and became a Lecturer (now Assistant Teaching Professor) position in 2016. Franco has taught a wide range of classes including modern philosophy, 20th century philosophy, ethics, applied ethics, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, logic, and practical reasoning. His research is in the history of philosophy and philosophy of science. In the philosophy of science, his research focuses on the role epistemic and non-epistemic values play in scientific practices, especially scientific communication. In the history of philosophy, he is interested in debates about philosophical analysis in early to mid-20th century analytic philosophy, especially as it relates to the turn away from logical positivism in philosophy of science. Franco demonstrated his dedication and enthusiasm for teaching last year when, as campuses around the world were forced to go online, he and philosophy colleague Ian Schnee organized a series of online workshops for instructors around the country seeking suggestions and guidance for teaching their philosophy courses online. Please find out more about Professor Franco here.

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