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Emergence and Naturalness Lecture Poster
Join us for Emergence and Naturalness, David Wallace, Mellon Chair in Philosophy and History & Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh on November 21, 2019, in Kane Hall Room 210 at 7 pm, part of the O'Hara Philosophy of Physics Lecture Series. Register for here for the Emergence and Naturalness lecture Abstract: If we want to start with the physics of the very... Read more
Cheshire Clahoun
This year’s annual ethics lecture, sponsored by the UW Program on Ethics, will be delivered by Cheshire Calhoun, Professor of Philosophy at Arizona State University and chair of the American Philosophical Association’s board of officers. The lecture will take place on November 1, 2019 at 5:30 PM at the wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ  - Intellectual House in the Gathering Hall. Professor Calhoun’s impressive body of work offers feminist perspectives on key concepts in moral psychology and... Read more
time-lapse photograph of planes at night showing many paths out of a single hub
Colin Marshall (UW Seattle) and Sinan Dogramaci (UT Austin) are adopting a practice of making videoconferencing a regular part of colloquium series and conferences they organize and are calling on other organizers to do the same. Their recent guest post in Daily Nous lays out the basics of their proposed practice, which includes having a significant percentage (at least 15%) of... Read more
Human Rights
The Human Interactions / Normative Innovation (HI-NORM) Research Cluster of the University of Washington has organized the Normative Innovation, Human Rights & Democracy: Concepts and Strategies for a New Global Agenda International Conference on October 21-23 in Gowen Hall Room 1-A. The conference will feature Department of Philosophy Professor Michael Blake, Doctoral Candidate Julio Covarrubias, and alumnus Professor Amy Reed-Sandoval..Monday, October 218:00 Opening 8:30... Read more
Attendees of the 2016 United Nations Climate Conference in Marrakech, Morocco. CREDIT: UN Climate Change (CC).
Professor Stephen Gardiner spoke with Alex Woodson on the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs’ podcast: Global Ethics Weekly. During the podcast, Professor Gardiner examines the ethics of climate change including discussing the role of individual responsibility vs. society’s responsibility, intergenerational challenges, and the role of the United Nations General Assembly.... Read more
Blake Hereth
Blake Hereth (PhD 2019) has joined the University of Arkansas as a Visiting Assistant Professor, shortly after defending zir dissertation The Resurrection of Radical Pacifism: A Defense in August 2019. At the University of Arkansas, Blake is teaching Honors Introduction to Philosophy, a graduate seminar on the ethics of self-defense, and will be teaching Philosophy of Race & Gender later in the academic year. Meanwhile ze will be hard at work on a monograph, A Pacifism Worth... Read more
Neuroethics group sitting around table at Agua Verde restaurant
Every year the Center for Neurotechnology ethics group hosts undergraduate research assistants in the neuroethics “lab.” At the end of the 10 week summer program, students give short presentations and share posters of their research projects. The 2019 summer research assistants were Kowe Kadoma (Florida A&M University) and Tatianah Summers (Seattle University). Each were mentored by graduate students in the Department of Philosophy who are regular members of the Neuroethics group. On August... Read more
Celebrate the accomplishments of the 2019 Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities undergraduate researchers, attend Bulrusher - directed by Valerie Curtis-Newton, and more! Featured on UW News 
Blake Hereth
Congratulations to Blake Hereth, on being awarded the American Philosophical Association's 2019 Frank Chapman Sharp Memorial Prize for zir paper "Animal Rights Pacifism." Read the APA's Press Release for more information about Blake's paper and the prize. Well done, Blake!
Hannah Martens
Hannah Martens is among four undergraduates to earn the prestigious Dean’s Medal from the University of Washington College of Arts and Sciences. Hannah, who received her bachelor’s degree this spring, double-majoring in philosophy and in law, societies, and justice, with minors in bioethics, disability studies, and ethics, was named the Dean’s Medalist in the Social Sciences division for her academic excellence and leadership. From her first quarter at the University of Washington, Hannah has... Read more