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Virtual Politics, Real Guns: On Cloud Community, Violence, and Human Rightsby Michael Blake (Orginially published Global Governance Programme) The creation of novel forms of information technology will put pressure on traditional forms of state sovereignty. The future, then, will be unlike the past. That much – to me, at least – seems beyond... Read more
Ethics Bowl 2018
The UW Center for Philosophy for Children hosted the fifth annual Washington State High School Ethics Bowl on February 3rd at the UW Law School. The Center is appreciative for the generous support of Department of Philosophy faculty, students, alumni and friends who volunteered their time as judges, moderators and team coaches. Over 100 high school students and about 50 lawyers, judges, UW faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students, and high school teachers were involved. The... Read more
Probability Workshop poster
This event will bring together philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists for a one-day workshop on April 28, 2018 to critically examine interpretations of probability theory in its many and varied applications. Probability theory is used widely in stochastic and dynamical systems, statistical and quantum physics, theories of rationality in epistemology, and theories of evidence and inductive inference in statistics and philosophy of science. It often happens that results or viewpoints from... Read more
The Department of Philosophy hosted the Epistemology for the Real World: Navigating in an Archipelago of Alt-Epistemology and Alt-Truth Conference on January 19, 2018. Featuring the following talks:  “Calling BS in the Real World” Carl Bergstrom, Professor of Biology, University of Washington and Jevin West, Assistant Professor, Information School, University of Washington Abstract: Our world is saturated with bullshit. Pandering politicians, manipulative advertisers,... Read more
David Owens and students outside the courthouse in Chicago.
When Patrick Prince was 19 years old, he was sent to prison for a murder he did not commit. He was finally exonerated and released nearly 26 years later, thanks to the work of attorney David B. Owens (BA, Philosophy, Political Science, 2004) and two University of Chicago law students. For Owens, such cases are why he became an attorney.  David Owens and his students celebrate outside the courthouse after wrongfully convicted Patrick Prince was exonerated. Owens knew from an early age that he... Read more
Émilie Du Châtelet, portrait by Maurice Quentin de La Tour
The Pacific Northwest – Western Canada Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy will be held here at the University of Washington on March 2 –4, 2018. The seminar will include a Keynote by Lisa Shapiro (Simon Fraser University) on "Becoming a Thinking Thing," as well as the following talks: Uygar Abaci (Penn State), “Divine Cognition and Kant's Amodalism regarding Things in Themselves” Danielle Brown (Alberta), “Moral Defect and Aesthetic Deformity... Read more
Tim Brown
A recent Economist Technology Quarterly feature "Thought Experiments: Brains and Machines" delves into brain-computer interfaces. Philosophy graduate student Tim Brown, part of the Neuroethics group at the UW's Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) features in the article: "Where the... Read more
Epistemology for the Real World Poster
Please join us for the Epistemology for the Real World: Navigating in an Archipelago of Alt-Epistemology and Alt-Truth conference on January 19, 2018 from 9:45 am to 5:30 pm in the HUB Room 332. Register here for the conference. 10:00 am “Calling BS in the Real World” Carl Bergstrom,... Read more
Graduate Conference 2018 "Eye of the Storm"
CALL FOR PAPERS Eye of the Storm: Climate Ethics in the Age of Inaction 2018 Graduate & Early Careers Philosophy Conference May 18-19, 2018University of WashingtonSeattle, WA Keynote speaker: Nancy Tuana (Pennsylvania State University) We are pleased to announce the 2018 Graduate & Early Careers Philosophy Conference at the University of Washington, Seattle. The topic of the conference will be climate change. Anthropogenic climate change is a pressing... Read more
Political Equality Workshop
On Saturday, November 18, 2017 Carina Fourie will participate in a workshop entitled "Political Equality: Its Value and Institutional Realization" at the Department of Philosophy at New York University (NYU). Professor Fourie will provide commentary on Daniel Viehoff's (NYU) paper "Power and Equality." Other speakers and commentators include Sophie Moreau (Toronto) and Samuel Scheffler (NYU).