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Union of Concerned Scientist Logo
Professor Andrea Woody took part in a webinar, “Scientific Facts vs. Alternative Facts (sic),” presented jointly by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and the Philosophy of Science Association (PSA) and hosted by the USC Center for Science and Democracy. Andrea was joined by her co-speaker and fellow philosophy professor David Danks (Carnegie Mellon... Read more
Summer Reading
What is summer without a great book or two to enjoy? We asked a few of our faculty to share their recommendations for favorite philosophy books—as well as works of fiction, history, and more. Read our faculty comments on why they love these books, and maybe check out a few yourself. We promise there will not be any pop quizzes! Kenneth Clatterbaugh: Your Inner Fish: A... Read more
Tim Brown on a panel at Future Con
What do Geordie LaForge’s visor, Luke Skywalker’s prosthetic hand, identification and memory implants in The Expanse, and cybernetically enhanced humans in Robocop and Ghost in the Shell have in common? They are all examples put forth by philosophy graduate student Tim Brown and his co-panelists at Future Con 2017 as popular culture examples of “humans using technology to overcome, adapt, and enhance the body – for ends... Read more
Award Winners: Phoenix Youngman, Paul Tubig, Alex Lenferna, Ben Feintzeig, Julio Covarrubias Cabeza, Michelle Pham, and Jonathan Pry
The Department of Philosophy started a new tradition this year by celebrating our award recipients with an Awards Reception held in our department home Savery Hall. Awards were given to recipients by faculty members who shared personal experiences they have had with the award recipients in the classroom and during office hours to the delight of family and friends. Thank you to our many alumni and friends who make it possible for us to support our undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty... Read more
Tim Brown and Sara Goering
Written by Aleenah Ansari and originally published on the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering website.  The BioRobotics Lab at the University of Washington (UW) strives to improve people’s lives through neural engineering research and the development of technology for minimally invasive robot-assisted surgery... Read more
Philosophy Graduation 2017
On June 9, we celebrated the graduates of the class of 2017, who together earned seventy-four bachelor’s, four master’s and three doctoral degrees in philosophy, at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture. Professor Michael Rosenthal toasted the graduates and wished them well in their new ventures, and graduate Wilson Charles gave an encouraging speech to his fellow graduates. Among his remarks Charles reminded his fellow graduates: “As philosophers we have a unique opportunity to make the State... Read more
Blake Hereth - UW philosophy graduate student
Congratulations to Department of Philosophy graduate student Blake Hereth on being elected to the Graduate Student Council (GSC) of the American Philosophical Association (APA). Blake will be one of four members of the GSC and will serve from 2017-2019. The results of the APA elections were announced recently on the APA Blog and in Daily Nous...
Andrea Woody
As the days get longer and our campus bursts out in bloom, the Department of Philosophy bustles like a beehive. We continue our renewed efforts to reach out and beyond the campus walls.  Our #PhilosophyResponds: Conversations after the Election series was a great success, filling the halls around our communal table with people concerned to move forward... Read more
Ethics Bowl
The UW Center for Philosophy for Children hosted the 2017 Washington State High School Ethics Bowl  held on February 4, 2017, at the University of Washington School of Law. The Ethics Bowl is a collaborative yet competitive event in which teams analyze a series of wide-ranging ethical dilemmas. Over 100 high school students and teachers and 40 judges, lawyers, UW faculty and other educators participated.... Read more
Professor Michael Blake
Congratulations to Professor Michael Blake on his new appointment as Commissioner on the King County Board of Ethics.  The Board of Ethics oversees the administration and interpretation of the Code of Ethics for King County Employees.  The Code deals with ethical issues that arise in the course of working for King County and describes the specific ethical obligations held by employees and elected officials alike.  There are provisions in the Code about both rights and responsibilities—what King... Read more