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"The present regime in Afghanistan is unstable, and some experts estimate it may collapse within the year. If it does so, the resulting power gap would likely be filled by the Taliban, whose history of human rights abuses include violence against women and children. There are significant moral costs at stake in either remaining in or withdrawing from Afghanistan," writes Michael Blake, professor of philosophy and of public policy and governance at the UW.... Read more
University of Washington Provost Mark A. Richards today announced Dianne Harris will become dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, beginning Sept. 1. Featured on UW News 
Stephen Gardiner
Professor Stephen M. Gardiner is giving the 2021 Alan Saunders Lecture, on July 14, 2021 at 5 PM PT, at the annual Australasian Association of Philosophy Conference. Register for the live stream lecture here: The lecture will be broadcast on Australian Broadcasting... Read more
Congratulations to Aaron Barker for being chosen as one of the Simpson Center’s Joff Hanauer Graduate Fellows for Excellence in Western Civilization. Barker and the interdisciplinary group of 2021-2022 Hanauer Fellows will participate in a year-long seminar exploring the theme, “Environments in the 21st Century: Migration, Climate, Extinction, In/humanness, Non-Humans and Beyond." The award is intended to foster creative and critical work in the Western cultural tradition and to help prepare... Read more
Cover of Seen and Not Heard
UW News interviewed Center for Philosophy for Children director Jana Mohr Lone about her new book Seen and Not Heard: Why Children’s Voices Matter. In new book, Lone asks, how would the world benefit if children were recognized as independent thinkers? How would their lives change “if what they said was not often ignored or patronized?”  Read the whole article on UW News:... Read more
Katherine Brading
Professor Katherine Brading, Duke University, gave the O’Hara Lecture in Philosophy of Physics virtually on May 20, 2021. Brading’s talk “How Physics Flew The Philosophers’ Nest,” explored the history of philosophy and physics; examining when, how, and why they became separate disciplines. The lecture was followed by a question and answer period moderated by Professor Benjamin Feintzeig. Abstract: Today Physics and philosophy are housed in separate departments and, by and large... Read more
The 2021 Husky 100, a group of 100 students making the most of their time at the UW, have been announced. Featured on University of Washington 
Stack of books and tea cup
From fantastical graphic novels to exploring addiction to the philosophy of play, and everything in between, this year's summer book recommendations by the Philosophy faculty once again cover a wide array of subjects. Check out the books that our faculty members have read recently or are planning to read this summer. We hope you find a few new wonderful books to add to your reading list. S. Marc Cohen The... Read more