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"This summer, NPR's science desk is thinking about waves, of all kinds — ocean, gravitational, even stadium waves. But what is a wave, anyway?" writes NPR's Joe Palca. Featured on NPR 
Professor Sara Goering's work as neuroethics research leader for the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering was recently featured in the August edition of the College of Arts and Sciences' Perspectives newsletter.  Neuroscience raises a wide range of ethical concerns. One is agency, or ownership of our actions. If a neural device is stimulating the brain while someone decides on an action, is that person... Read more
Sara Goering
An amputee moves her artificial limb using her brain. A Parkinson’s patient opts for deep brain stimulation (DBS) to reduce symptoms. A college student uses close-looped DBS to keep severe depression at bay. Through neuroscience research and neural engineering, the brain can now accomplish things once considered impossible. But with these advances come ethical questions about altering brain function.   In neuroscience and neural engineering, "we want to think carefully about what the... Read more
Michael Rosenthal
All good things come to an end.  After five years as chair of the Department of Philosophy, I’ve stepped down and will resume my regular duties as a professor.  Andrea Woody has been appointed as the new chair and I am thrilled for her and for the Department.  We will be in capable hands.  My goal when I started this job was to help each member of the Department and the Department as a whole to flourish.  When you are in the administrative trenches, sometimes it is hard to see the big picture... Read more
The Department of Philosophy is thrilled to announce that Professor Alison Wylie has been elected the next President of the Philosophy of Science Association (PSA).  PSA, established in 1933, is the premier international organization for professional philosophers of science, and election to the presidency of the association is one of the highest honors conferred on members of our field, recognizing both significant intellectual achievement and high regard... Read more
"Stimulating the Self" poster by Sam Sumpter
The Department of Philosophy hosted three events during spring quarter. Reaching across campus to other departments, students, faculty, staff and alumni to join us in days of philosophical inquiry and reflection. In April, Professor Sara Goering organized “Stimulating the Self: Neurotechnology, Identity and Agency” along with the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering and the Program on Values of Society. The main talks at the symposium were: "Agency ex Machina: Neuroprosthetics and the Re-... Read more
Ron Moore and Lynn Hankinson Nelson
Thank you to all who joined us and sent well wishes in celebration of the retirement of our two faculty members Ron Moore and Lynn Hankinson Nelson. We had a wonderful evening filled with charming stories of Lynn and Ron from students, alumni and faculty. It is not too late to email your well wishes to both Ron and Lynn, and to make a gift in their honor to the Department of Philosophy, to... Read more
On June 10th, we celebrated the graduates of the class of 2016, who together earned sixty-eight bachelor’s, six master’s, and three doctoral degrees in philosophy, at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture.  Professor Andrea Woody toasted the graduates wishing them the best in their new endeavors, and Alison Bacon gave an inspirational speech to her fellow graduates.  Alisa voiced what so many of our students and alumni feel, that “philosophy shows us how important it is that we develop ourselves... Read more
Five of our faculty members: Carina Fourie, Carole Lee, Colin Marshall, Conor Mayo-Wilson and Ian Schnee, participated in the University’s Evidence-Based Teaching pilot. Instructional consultants from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and UW-IT collaborate with the pilot participants as they design, enact and assess techniques of evidence-based teaching practices. The project also encourages the participants to use each other as resources by discussing practices and difficulties in the... Read more
Michael Rosenthal's interview with Hannah Pressman of Jewish Studies at the University of Washington: The Stroum Center is delighted to announce that Michael Rosenthal has been selected as the next Samuel and Althea Stroum Chair in Jewish Studies. This is an honorary three-year position that recognizes Professor Rosenthal’s contributions to the program and provides him with additional research funding thanks to the Samuel and Althea Stroum Endowment. (Editor’s note: This position is... Read more