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Congratulations to Matthew Sample, PhD, who has accepted a postdoctoral position at the Neuroethics research unit at the Institut de Rescherches Cliniques de Montréal (under the supervision of Eric Racine). This position will involve leading research efforts to examine ethical and social issues in the use of brain-computer interfaces. Matthew successfully defend his dissertation, “Evaluating Neural Futures: Good Technoscience and the Challenge of Co-Production," in May 2016.
Progress in the Sciences and in the Arts lecture by Philip Kitcher on April 6, 2016. This lecture challenged the common view that the sciences make progress while the arts do not. Distinguishing teleological progress (coming closer to a goal) from pragmatic progress (solving some of the problems of your current state), Kitcher argues that scientific progress should be seen as pragmatic. From this view, it becomes evident that scientific progress has social dimensions.... Read more
"Stimulating the Self" poster by Sam Sumpter
On Friday, April 22nd the UW Department of Philosophy, along with the Program on Values and the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering will host a day-long symposium entitled "Stimulating the Self: Neurotechnology, Identity, and Agency." The symposium will be from 9:00-5:00 in HUB 332. The... Read more
Sickness of Society poster, designed by Sam Sumpter
Join us on Friday, April 29th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the HUB 250 for the Benjamin Rabinowitz Workshop in Medical Ethics: “The Sickness of Society – What Kind of Equality Matters for Health?” Download the full Workshop Schedule (PDF). This interdisciplinary and international one-day workshop aims to assess which kinds of equalities are... Read more
Join the Department of Philosophy group on LinkedIn to meet and network easily with other Department of Philosophy alumni. The LinkedIn group is a great place for alumni, students, faculty, and staff to make connections with a network of people who can offer career advice or collaborate on opportunities. Members can also share philosophy interests, and philosophy-related events and articles. Help this network thrive by... Read more
Ethics Bowl Winners in Olympia
The 2016 Washington State High School Ethics Bowl was a great success! Over 100 high school students and teachers and 40 judges, lawyers, UW faculty, and other educators participated, as well as many undergraduate and graduate student volunteers. The high school student participants inspired all who attended with their thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, and openness. One of the coaches involved wrote: "The students could not stop discussing the cases and were thrilled with how much they connected with... Read more
Daniel Gerler
If there is a philosophy event on the University of Washington campus, chances are high that you will find Dan Gerler there. Dan (BA, Philosophy & Psychology, 1983) is a proud alumnus of the Department of Philosophy, and serves as one of the longest standing members of the Department’s Advisory Board. Dan’s deep connection with the Department, enthusiasm for philosophy, and quick, questioning intellect has led to many conversations with faculty over the years. Through these discussions, Dan... Read more
Climate change: life and death
Should we consider the population among our moral concerns in climate ethics and policy? John Broome, during his Ben Rabinowitz lecture in Environmental Ethics "Climate Change: Life and Death", urged yes. Broome argued that both deaths and births should be considered when shaping the ethical foundations of climate policy, and that value theory could help guide us in determining their place in climate ethics and policy.   Professor Stephen Gardiner, who organized Professor Broome's visit, gave a... Read more
Carina Fourie
Carina Fourie joined the Department of Philosophy in the fall of 2015 as the Benjamin Rabinowitz Assistant Professor in Medical Ethics.  While Carina has a range of interests in biomedical ethics and social & political philosophy, she is particularly focused on research and teaching at the intersection of social justice and medical ethics. This takes a variety of forms –for example in social-relational equality and its application to health, sufficientarianism, gender and racial... Read more
Ian Schnee joined the department as a full-time lecturer in fall 2015. He has since spearheaded the undergraduate philosophy club and has worked with undergraduate advisor, Gina Gould, on department curriculum and course offerings. What areas of philosophy do you teach? I teach epistemology, metaphysics, logic, introduction to philosophy, and philosophy of film. What are your current research interests? My research falls into two areas: epistemology and... Read more