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Join us for How Physics Flew The Philosophers’ Nest - Katherine Brading, Professor of Philosophy, Duke University, on May 20, 2021, on Zoom at 5 pm, part of the O’Hara Philosophy of Physics Lecture Series. Register here for How Physics Flew The Philosopher’s Nest lecture. Pre-screen the lecture: How Physics Flew The... Read more
Ian Schnee teaching to empty lecture hall in March 2020
When the UW returns in the fall, the faculty will be bringing innovative teaching methods developed during remote teaching back to their in-person classrooms. The Bridging the Distance article features innovative faculty.  This includes Professor Ian Schnee, who embraces technology-based teaching methods, making interaction with his students in his logic course engaging and energetic. Read the entire ... Read more
Cover of Seen and Not Heard
Congratulations to Professor Jana Mohr Lone, the director of the UW Center for Philosophy for Children, on the publication of her new book Seen and Not Heard: Why Children’s Voices Matter. Described by National Book Award winner Jonathan Kozol as "a stirring and important book, which should be widely read," Seen and Not Heard examines... Read more
Dr. Cornel West
Join the Northwest African American Museum for an evening with Dr. Cornel West discussing "Critical Thinking and the Cultivation of Your True Self," sponsored by the UW Department of Philosophy, UW Race & Equity Initiative, and UW Department of Communication. Nationally-renowned public intellectual and award-winning author Dr. Cornel West, professor of Harvard University, will join Dr. Ralina Joseph, NAAM’s scholar-in-residence, for a riveting discussion as part of the "It Takes a Village"... Read more
Screen capture of Zoom Ethics Bowl Class
The UW Center for Philosophy for Children, like the rest of the university, pivoted to everything virtual last March, and this included the 2021 Washington State High School Ethics Bowl. Instead of the traditional one-day competitive event, nine high schools are engaging in a series of online scrimmages from April to June this year. Each scrimmage consists of two cases and lasts about two hours. Scrimmages are not scored; instead, the three judges provide detailed feedback to the teams at the... Read more
The Department of Philosophy's “Why do we need philosophy now?” video contest has concluded, with the first place prize going to College of Arts and Sciences junior Camille Miller. Featured on Department of Philosophy 
Screen capture of Camille Miller's film showing word WHY? over marble
The Department of Philosophy held its second annual undergraduate video contest asking students to create short videos on the theme “Why do we need philosophy now?”  Running less than two minutes, the students’ videos examined why philosophy is relevant during this time of isolation and social strife. They explored how philosophy can be used in our relationships, and how it helps define one’s stance on social issues and in finding common ground. The videos were judged based on... Read more
Headshot of Paul Franco
The Department of Philosophy is excited to announce the promotion of Paul Franco to Associate Teaching Professor beginning Autumn term 2021. Franco joined the Department of Philosophy in 2012 for a one-year position as an Acting Assistant Professor. That position was renewed three times and became a Lecturer (now Assistant Teaching Professor) position in 2016. Franco has taught a wide range of classes including modern philosophy, 20th century philosophy, ethics, applied ethics, philosophy of... Read more
Benjamin Feintzeig
The Department of Philosophy is excited to announce the promotion of Benjamin Feintzeig to Associate Professor with tenure beginning Autumn term 2021. Feintzeig joined the Department of Philosophy in 2016 and is a philosopher of physics. His research focuses on the conceptual and mathematical foundations of physics, and the broader impacts of philosophy of physics on general issues in philosophy of science including interpreting physical theories, scientific representation, and scientific... Read more
Carina Fourie
The Department of Philosophy is excited to announce the promotion of Carina Fourie to Associate Professor with tenure beginning Autumn term 2021. Fourie joined the Department of Philosophy in 2015. She holds the Benjamin Rabinowitz Chair in Medical Ethics and is a member of the Program on Ethics. Since coming to UW, Professor Fourie has published two edited volumes (Oxford University Press) alongside multiple articles on topics concerning healthcare ethics, social equality, and oppression. She... Read more