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Disordering Personalities? Psychiatric Diagnosis and Moral Responsibility This year's Rabinowitz symposium in medical ethics, co-organized by Sara Goering and Ingra Schellenberg, will focus on the topic of personality disorders and moral responsibility. Personality disorders (including borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and antisocial personality disorder) are psychiatric diagnoses linked to chronic social, emotional and behavioral difficulties... Read more
UW Center for Philosophy for Children The UW Center for Philosophy for Children continues to grow. And with this growth comes lots of exciting new projects and activities! Television - In November the Center was featured in a segment of UWTV's show UW-360 view at: High School Students at the UW - This fall the Center organized a "World... Read more
Should Future Law School Students be Philosophy Majors? On January 17th philosophy alumni and current UW law school students Julia Batina, '11, Miriam Korngold, '09, and Lee Marchisio, '03 braved the Seattle snow to discuss how their undergraduate degree in philosophy helped them to get into law school, and how it is now helping them with their law school studies. The entire alumni panel agreed that philosophy, especially the logic courses, helped them to score higher on the LSAT. They also... Read more
Graduate Student Conference The Biannual Philosophy Graduate Student Conference was held on February 10th and 11th. The central topic of the conference was Responsibility. The keynote address of the conference was given on Friday by Professor David Shoemaker, Tulane University, on "Remnants of Character." Professor Shoemaker has published two booksKnowledge, Nature, and Norms: An Introduction to Philosophy and Personal Identity and Ethics: A Brief Introduction, and... Read more
Cosmopolitan Rights and Responsibilities International Conference The International Conference on "Cosmopolitan Rights and Responsibilities" will be held on May 11 and 12, 2012. The tri-campus Human Interactions and Normative Innovation Research Cluster at the University of Washington, in cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence on the Formation of Normative Orders at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany will be holding a conference on "Cosmopolitan Rights and Responsibilities." The... Read more
Arthur Fine: The Shaky Game: 25 Years Later In nearby Port Townsend, long before becoming a faculty member at UW, Arthur Fine was finishing up writing a book on Einstein and scientific realism. At the Pacific APA in April, we will celebrate twenty-five years since the publication of that book, The Shaky Game, with a symposium and reception in his honor. Speakers will include Paul Horwich (New York University), Laura Ruetsche (University of Michigan), Thomas Ryckman (Stanford... Read more
From the Chair Each school year starts with a buzz of excitement as students and faculty return to campus and classes begin. But this year in the department there was something extra in the air: for the first time in several years since the recession began we welcomed what we think of as a "normal-sized" entering class of graduate students. Six students from all over the country arrived in Savery Hall ready to begin their careers at the UW. They didn't have too much time to adjust. After a... Read more
Social Sciences Career Night The Department of Philosophy participated in the first annual Social Sciences Career Night last month, which was comprised of alumni and undergraduates from five social sciences disciplines. According to both student and alumni attendees alike, the event was a resounding success and planning is already underway for the 2nd annual Social Sciences Career Night in 2013. Special thanks to alumni Mr. Dan Gerler '83 and Mr. Ryan Casuro ' 07 for their participation in... Read more
Graduate Student Profile: Benjamin Hole The Cognitive Science Society Conference is not where you would expect to find a philosophy graduate student whose dissertation is on the intersection of ancient philosophy and ethical theory. However, that is where UW philosophy graduate student Benjamin Hole was presenting his paper "Mirror Neurons and Simulation-Based, Low Level Mind Reading". Ben also presented this paper for "Knowing-How and Knowing-That" a project sponsored by the... Read more
Biological Futures in a Globalized World: Research Ethics / Research Integrity that Matters! What do such disparate fields as synthetic biology, geo-engineering, and genetic enhancement have in common? In their distinct ways, they each represent cutting edge science and emerging technologies that make it possible to manipulate living systems on an unprecedented scale. And in this they pose dramatic new challenges, not just scientifically but also ethically. The University of Washington is a... Read more