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Hannah Arendt
The controversial 20th-century philosopher Hannah Arendt was the subject of a series of UW events in late October, which were all organized around the Oct. 24th Walker-Ames Lecture by noted Yale University political philosopher Seyla Benhabib. Benhabib's lecture addressed "Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem: Fifty Years Later." On Oct. 22 the Stroum Jewish Studies Program hosted a free film screening of "Hannah Arendt," the 2012 biographical film directed by Margarethe... Read more
In late October we had a week of some of the most successful philosophy events ever at UW. The events were organized around the Walker-Ames Lecture of Seyla Benhabib, Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Yale University. They began on the evening of Tuesday, October 22, when an audience of well over 200 attended a free screening of "Hannah Arendt," a 2012 biographical film, co-sponsored by the Stroum Jewish Studies Program, the Seattle Jewish Film Festival, and the UW... Read more
In a recent UW Press release, two faculty members demonstrated the possibility of a brain-to-brain interface. An electrical engineer imagined moving his finger on a keyboard, and across campus, his friend's finger moved accordingly. How is that possible? The engineer wore a skull cap with multiple recording electrodes. A computer algorithm was trained to... Read more
The big news is that, for the first time since the recession began four years ago, we have added a new tenure-track colleague to the Department. Colin Marshall received his PhD from NYU and has been teaching at the University of Melbourne in Australia for the last two years. He works in the history of philosophy and specializes in Kant and Spinoza. He already has many publications in prominent journals and he is an accomplished teacher. We are looking forward... Read more
When Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Campus location Kane Hall (KNE) Campus room Kane Hall 120 Event sponsors UW Graduate School, UW Alumni Association, Human Interaction and Normative Innovation Research Cluster (HI-NORM), UW Tacoma, UW Bothell, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, Department of Political Science, Department of Philosophy, Department of Geography, Stroum Jewish Studies Program,... Read more
EVENTS Friday, October 18, 2013: "CLIMATE-CHALLENGED SOCIETY", a public lecture by David Schlosberg (University of Sydney), Savery 264, 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. "CLIMATE JUSTICE: FOR AND AGAINST", an interdisciplinary workshop, Savery 408, 9:15 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Featuring: Stephen Gardiner, Professor of Philosophy & Ben Rabinowitz Endowed Professor of the Human Dimensions of the Environment (University of Washington) Avram Hiller (Portland State University) Marion Hourdequin (Colorado... Read more
Michael Blake has a new book out... Justice & Foreign Policy. This book is an argument about the moral foundations of foreign policy. It argues that a liberal state can insist upon the universal reach of liberal ideas, while still distinguishing between what is owed to citizens and what is owed to foreign citizens. This liberalism includes a concern for liberal toleration, which is intended to defend the proposition that a liberal state can work for democratization and liberalism... Read more
Professor Sara Goering leads the ethics thrust at the UW Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering. Earlier this month researchers were able to send a brain signal via the internet to control the hand motions of another researcher, who was on the other side of UW campus. Sara Goering went on KUOW to discuss the ethics of these emerging technologies and what they mean for the future of privacy and identity. Listen to her remarks... Read more
The Society of Women in Philosophy has chosen Professor Alison Wylie to be the recipient of the award for 2013. Wylie will be honored at the traditional panel session held by SWIP at the Eastern APA in honor of the DWP award winner. Readers may be familiar with Wylie's scholarship in philosophy of science, feminism, and standpoint theory, her sundry successful efforts to mentor women in the field, her service to Canadian and American... Read more