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Erika Versalovic, Mellon Collaborative Fellowship for Reaching New Publics in Community Colleges
Two philosophy doctoral students – Anna Bates and Erika Versalovic – have been awarded a Mellon Collaborative Fellowship for Reaching New Publics in Community Colleges. They will be part of three two-person teams, sponsored by the Simpson Center for the Humanities, who will shadow faculty members at one of Seattle District Colleges during the 2020-2021 academic year. The fellowship, which facilitates immersive cross-institutional experiences, is part of a program—... Read more
Fareed A. Awan, Doctorate in Philosophy
On Sunday, June 14* we held our first-ever virtual graduation celebration with our graduates, faculty, family and friends. While we missed celebrating all our graduates in person, it was lovely to see all their smiling faces on Zoom. Our celebration included many firsts: our first virtual hoodings of our PhD graduates, our first group undergraduate address, and our first student open mic allowing any student to reflect on their time in the department and address all those in attendance.... Read more
Anna Bates - UW Simpson Center Mellon Graduate Student Fellowship
Congratulations to Anna Bates and Paul Tubig on being awarded Mellon Summer Fellowships for Public Projects in the Humanities, funded through the UW Simpson Center for the Humanities, for their project, "Philosophy Behind/Beyond Bars: Exploring the Intersection Between Philosophy and Prison." Anna and Paul have been working in conjunction with the Freedom Education Project Puget Sound (FEPPS), an in-prison college program, to teach philosophy to incarcerated students at the Washington... Read more
Colin Marshall - UW Simpson Center Mellon Faculty Fellowship
Congratulations to Colin Marshall and Ian Schnee on being awarded a Mellon Summer Fellowship for New Graduate Seminars in the Humanities for their project “Advanced Philosophy of Persuasion Courses.” Mellon Summer Fellows receive support to develop graduate-level seminars with a significant focus on the practice of public scholarship. Colin and Ian plan to build upon their previous work creating the new undergraduate introductory course “... Read more
Congratulations to Michael Ball-Blakely for being chosen as one of the Simpson Center’s Joff Hanauer Graduate Fellows for Excellence in Western Civilization.  Michael and the interdisciplinary group of 2020-2021 Hanauer Fellows will participate in a year-long seminar exploring the theme, “Environments in the 21st Century: Migration, Climate, Extinction, In/humanness, Non-Humans and Beyond." The award is intended to foster “creative and critical work in the Western cultural tradition and to help... Read more
The UW honors several faculty members with Distinguished Teaching Awards, including Ian Schnee, Senior Lecturer of Philosophy and Xiasong Li, Professor of Chemistry. Featured on University of Washington Magazine 
Bruce Lee, who studied philosophy at the UW, is portrayed in a new documentary entitled "Be Water." Featured on Newsweek 
Melissa Diamond - Outstanding Graduating Senior Award
The Department of Philosophy celebrated the achievements of our undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and faculty at our annual Awards Reception on May 29, 2020. In light of the on-going pandemic, the awards ceremony was held virtually this year but that did not decrease our pride or dampen our celebration of our award winners’ accomplishments. Our Philosophy community continued its annual tradition of honoring our award winners by having faculty share personal anecdotes from the... Read more
Receiving a National Institutes of Health (NIH) R01 grant is a key indicator of success for countless faculty. Not only do such grants provide research funding, they also signal a faculty member’s research independence and prestige, which is critical for tenure and promotion. So, when a 2011 study found that Black applicants for NIH R01 grants were significantly less likely to receive funding than white applicants with similar qualifications, the agency launched a contest for ideas to detect... Read more
Paul Tubig - Graduate School Medal
We are extraordinarily proud to announce that philosophy doctoral candidate Paul Tubig has been awarded the 2020 Graduate School Medal! This medal is given to recognize a doctoral candidate whose academic expertise and social awareness are integrated in a way that demonstrates an exemplary commitment to the University and its larger community. From teaching at the Washington Corrections... Read more