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William Talbott
Professor William Talbott gave the keynote address “Where Did Western Epistemology Go Wrong, and Why?” at the 8th Annual PLATO WA Conference which was held virtually on February 19, 2021. Talbott’s talk explores a central question of his forthcoming, Learning From Our Mistakes: Epistemology for the Real World (Oxford University Press; 9/1/2021): Why is so much Western epistemology either deeply skeptical or... Read more
Book cover - A Sense of Brutality (photo of bullet holes in glass)
The Department of Philosophy and the Program on Ethics recently hosted an author meets critics event with Professor Carlos Alberto Sánchez, San José State University, A Sense of Brutality: Philosophy after Narco-Culture with critical comments from Professors Sergio A. Gallegos Ordorica and Manuela Gomez. A Sense of Brutality: Philosophy after Narco-... Read more
Professor of Philosophy, Public Policy and Governance Michael Blake is interviewed in this article about impeaching former President Trump. Featured on The Conversation 
Jack Turner, associate professor of political science, and philosophy professor Michael Blake are featured for their notable new books. Featured on UW News 
Scientists are pioneering novel technology to help with ailments of the brain and nervous system. The UW’s Sara Goering, professor of philosophy, and Chet Moritz, associate professor of rehabilitation medicine and of electrical and computer engineering, are interviewed about the ethical concerns of neurotechnology on KUOW's The Record with Bill Radke. Listen to the interview on KUOW.
Andrea Woody
Dear Friends of UW Philosophy, I send greetings for a Happy New Year from the Department of Philosophy, along with the sincere hope that you and all your loved ones are safe and well. It has now been ten long months since the university transitioned to remote teaching and learning. During this time, I am so grateful for the resilience of everyone in our community. Faculty members in this department have rallied around our communal teaching mission to develop courses on Zoom (the university’s... Read more
Large impeach sign in from of Capitol Building
Professor Michael Blake explains why it is important, as a moral condemnation by our society, to impeach President Trump even though the trial will not be finished before the end of Trump’s term of office. Citizens in a democratic society do not need to agree about political morality. They can recognize their political opponents as entitled to their views – however mistaken each side takes those alternative views to be. Conservatives and liberals have often regarded each other as wrong, but... Read more
Book Cover - Justice, Migration, & Mercy
Congratulations to Professor Michael Blake, whose book Justice, Migration, & Mercy is one of the Best of 2020 Philosophy from Oxford University Press. The Oxford University Press is celebrating the new year with a curated collection of free chapters from twenty of the most popular Philosophy books from 2020. Read the free chapter, “... Read more
Professor of philosophy Michael Blake's new book "Justice, Migration, & Mercy" has been named one of the Best of 2020 Philosophy from Oxford University Press. Featured on Department of Philosophy 
Professor Ruth Faden
Join us virtually for the annual ethics lecture: Social Injustice and COVID-19 Vaccines, Professor Ruth Faden, Founder, Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, Philip Franklin Wagley Professor, on January 29, 2021, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Register for here for Social Injustice and COVID-19 Vaccines  Abstract: What makes structural injustice... Read more