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Katherine Branding
Unfortunately Professor Brading Lecture will be postponed until the 2019-2020 academic year.  How Physics Flew The Philosophers' Nest, Katherine Brading, Professor of Philosophy, Duke University on May 16, 2019, in Kane Hall 210 at 7 pm, part of the O'Hara Philosophy of Physics Lecture Series. Physics and philosophy are today housed in separate departments and, by and large, practiced by different people. Physics is – orat least seems to be – largely independent of philosophy. It was... Read more
Andrea Woody, Bev Wessel and Sara Goering
After twenty-one years with the Department of Philosophy and thirty-eight years at the University of Washington, our beloved administrator Beverly Wessel is retiring. On March 15, 2019 we celebrated Bev’s incredible contributions with a reception where colleagues past and present shared stories of Bev, and toasted her upcoming retirement. Bev has kept the department running like a well-oiled machine since 1997 -- no easy task! Prior to joining philosophy, Bev was the administrator for what is... Read more
President Donald Trump, former President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton, during the funeral for former President George H.W. Bush. AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Pool
Professor Michael Blake discusses if the President needs to be a moral leader in The Conversation: Must the president be a moral leader? President Donald Trump, former President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton, during the funeral for former President George H.W. Bush.... Read more
Chief Sealth High School
The sixth annual Washington State Ethics Bowl was held on February 2, 2019. Nineteen teams from eleven high schools competed in analyzing a series of ethical dilemmas covering a wide range of topics including fake social media followers, private funding in academia, and gun control. The Center for Philosophy for Children, which hosts the competition, explains the format as similar to a competitive debate, but with a few important differences. “…in Ethics Bowls teams are not forced to take... Read more
The Record Logo
Professor Michael Blake joined Bill Radke on KUOW’s The Record to discuss borders and President Trump’s Wall. “President Trump’s shutdown over a border wall has stretched into its 34th day. But… what if we didn’t have a border at all? It’s a question worth asking, says University of Washington professor Michael Blake. He teaches philosophy, public policy, and governance, and is the author of an article called ‘What exactly is the point of the border?’”... Read more
Di Zhange
Philosophy alumnus Di Zhang (BA, 2010) is making an impact in Seattle by fighting back against fake news. Zhang is a librarian at Seattle’s Central Library where he has organized a free course, “Fake News Survival Guide: Resources and Tips for Staying Informed,” held in the library’s computer lab. Congratulations on demonstrating the power of combining a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a Masters in Library Science! Learn more about Zhang in a featured article in Seattle Magazine... Read more
Ian Schnee portrait
Philosophy lecturer Ian Schnee is helping to test new teaching strategies as part of the Evidence-Based Teaching Program, under the leadership of the Center for Teaching and Learning. His experience was recently featured in a UW-IT feature article called When Technology Engages the... Read more
Julio Covarrubias
Congratulations to Julio Covarrubias on being awarded the American Philosophical Association's 2018 Essay Prize in Latin American Thought for his essay, "Letting Go of Mestizaje: Settler Colonialism and Latin American/Latinx Philosophy." From the APA press release: The APA committee on Hispanics sponsors this annual prize, which includes a $500... Read more
Former UW Professor Alison Wylie has been named Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of the Social and Historical Sciences. The Canadian federal government has announced a $210 million Canada Research Chairs Program which will add 285 research chairs in Canadian Universities. The program's role is to improve Canada’s depth of knowledge and quality of life, strengthen its international competitiveness, and train the next generation of highly-skilled students.... Read more
Paul Tubig
Philosophy doctoral candidate Paul Tubig is a 2018-2019 Mellon Fellow for Reaching New Publics, exploring community colleges as important pieces within the academic ecosystem both in their own right and in their partnership with large research institutions like the University of Washington. In a guest post in the Simpson Center for the Humanities' Reimagining the PhD Blog, Paul asks "... Read more