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Photo of career panel on zoom
Thank you to everyone who made our virtual alumni career panel a success. Especially our alumni panelists: Zane Gustafson, Philosophy and Political Science (BA ’15), Research Consultant at Sightline Institute Jess Lockhart, Philosophy and Political Science (BA ’11), Attorney at General Services Administration in Tacoma Lizzie Tao, Philosophy and English (BA ’15), Product Marketing Manager at Google Charles Tilander, Philosophy and Biochemistry (BA ’13), Research Scientist/Quality Control... Read more
Illustration of woman at voting booth
Remember casting a vote for class president in grade school? The process was straightforward: the classmate with the most votes won. Few voting scenarios are that simple, as UW students are learning in a new interdisciplinary course about voting, STAT 498/CSSS 594: The Statistics and Philosophy of Voting. The course takes a deep dive into the complexities of voting, from majority rule to election forecasting to...... Read more
Black and white dice on a loaded scale, the white dice weights heavier although they look the same size
Recent events have inspired the White Coats for Black Lives and #ShutDownSTEM movements to call for the elimination of institutional and systematic racism in biomedicine and STEM fields including barriers faced by Black researchers. Building on their earlier work demonstrating continued Black-white disparities in NIH grant funding, Carole Lee and her collaborators Sheridan Grant (... Read more
Elena Erosheva (UW Professor of Statistics and Social Work) and Sheridan Grant (UW Statistics Ph.D. student) have co-authored with Carole Lee (UW Professor of Philosophy) a Correspondence featured on The Lancet on how “Alternative grant models might perpetuate Black–white funding gaps". Featured on Department of Statistics 
Associate Professor of Philosophy Carole Lee’s interdisciplinary research exploring racial disparities in grant funding gained traction with a letter published in The Lancet. Featured on The Lancet 
Ian Schnee addressing the new student convocation
On September 27, 2020, Ian Schnee helped welcome new students to the University of Washington on behalf of faculty as part of this year’s livestreamed New Student Convocation. A 2020 Distinguished Teaching Award winner, Schnee was asked to speak because, as University Marshal Joseph Janes explained... Read more
University of Washington faculty member Ian Schnee, associate teaching professor in the Department of Philosophy, was the featured speaker at the UW’s 37th annual New Student Convocation. Featured on UW News 
Protestors holding up the letters LIAR in front of the White House.
Michael Blake, professor of philosophy, examines the fact that every U.S. president has lied and if these lies can be morally defensible. Media’s accounts of Trump’s lies would seem to indicate that most people are wholeheartedly opposed to lying – and, in particular, opposed to being lied to by presidents. And yet a recent survey of presidential deception found that all American presidents – from Washington to Trump – have told lies, knowingly, in their public statements. As a political... Read more
Poster with speakers and titles
Benjamin Rabinowitz Symposium in Medical Ethics on Emotion and Empathy Thursday, Sep. 24, 2020 from 11:35a.m.-6:05p.m. Please email Carina Fourie,, for advance access to the papers and the Zoom link. Speakers: Timothy Brown (University of Washington), Georgina Campelia (University of Washington), Georgina Morley (The Cleveland Clinic), Sara Protasi (University of Puget... Read more
Worker at taco restaurant in front of sign that reads "no mask no taco"
Colin Marshall, associate professor of philosophy, explains what to say to someone who refuses to wear a mask. Multiple studies have shown that masks reduce the transmission of virus-loaded droplets from people with COVID-19. However, according to a Gallup poll, almost a third of Americans say they rarely... Read more