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Alex Lenferna
Philosophy alum Alex Lenferna (Ph.D. 2019) writes about how the creation of social 'tipping points' could lead to social transformations that mitigate the effects of climate change. Featured on The Conversation 
Climate Ethics World Cloud
Professor Stephen Gardiner participated in the Cambridge Global Conversations, which brings together thought leaders from around the world to discuss and disseminate world problems. Cambridge Global Conversations shines a light on and brings a guided response to complicated international challenges. Professor Gardiner gave two talks as part of the Cambridge Global Conversations Climate Ethics Event, both of which are available to watch online: Stephen... Read more
David Wallace talking with students post-lecture
Professor David Wallace (Mellon Chair, Pittsburgh HPS & Philosophy) gave the O'Hara Lecture in Philosophy of Physics on Nov. 21, 2019.  Wallace's talk "Emergence and Naturalness" argued that a condition called 'naturalness' is an essential component of extant explanations of how behavior of physical systems at different scales fits together (e.g., small scale quarks compose larger scale protons and neutrons). Wallace argues that although the naturalness condition and arguments based upon it... Read more
Professor Potter receiving his Padma Shri Award from the President of India.
Congratulations to Professor Emeritus Karl Potter for completing the 25th volume of the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies. Professor Potter has been working on the Encyclopedia for over 40 years. Each volume contains an introduction by its editor(s), followed by summaries of the texts of the philosophical system to which the volume is devoted.  Most of these summaries are based upon texts that have been translated into a Western language, although some of the texts remain... Read more
Video Contest, filming students
Let creativity be your guide in creating a short video about “Why Philosophy?” Open to all UW students, no prior video creation experience is required. In 2 minutes or less tell us “Why Philosophy?”: Why is philosophy important to today’s society? Why is philosophy important to study? Why is philosophy important to you? This contest is possible thanks to contributions to the Friends of Philosophy Fund. Rules One entry per student Open to all current... Read more
Photo of Panel: Julio Covarrubias, Jane Lee, and India Orneals
Considerable health inequalities exist between whites and people of color in the USA. These are not merely inequalities: they are inequities as they stem from racial injustice. Stress from racism and marginalization, and resource-poor and polluted environments are among the social determinants that create these inequities. Understanding structural and interpersonal racism, measuring its impact on health and well-being, and critically assessing what needs to be done to address race-... Read more
Cheshire Calhoun
Professor of Philosophy Cheshire Calhoun (Arizona State University) gave the Program on Ethics’ Annual Ethics Lecture on November 1, 2019. Calhoun’s talk, “Responsibilities and Taking on Responsibility,” explored the ways in which what we are morally obligated to do is different from what we take on responsibility for. The former category — what we are morally obligated to do — includes moral duties which we are expected to meet; failure to perform them is typically blameworthy. The latter... Read more
Tim Brown receiving award
The University of Washington Neuroethics Team members earned numerous awards for their scholarship at the October 2019 meeting of the International Neuroethics Society in Chicago, IL. Graduate student Tim Brown’s submission "'Anger is a Gift:' Moral Enhancement as a Potential Means of Oppression” was selected among accepted abstracts for an oral presentation, and won the James and Elisabeth Ewing Travel Stipend. His poster also... Read more
Gina Gould
November 8 is the national day to celebrate first-generation college students. In honor of National First-Generation College Celebration, we asked Department of Philosophy undergraduate adviser Gina Gould to share some reflections on her own time as a first-generation student. She explained how she came to shift the way she thought about higher... Read more
Julio Covarrubias
Doctoral Candidate Julio Covarrubias is in residence at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 2019-2020 academic year as part of the Arnold L. Mitchem Dissertation Fellowship Program. The Mitchem Fellowship is a competitive national fellowship intended to increase the presence of underrepresented ethnic groups by supporting doctoral candidates in their final dissertation year with a stipend, benefits... Read more