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Nick Hanauer
At the UW Department of Philosophy’s 2018 graduation reception, entrepreneur and social change advocate Nick Hanauer (BA, Philosophy, 1981) spoke about the enduring value of a philosophy degree. Through footnoted phrases, see how his speech reflects Hanauer's own experiences.  I am so pleased to be here and profoundly flattered to be asked to speak to you today. But sadly, I doubt I was invited because of my significant contribution to modern philosophical thought. Truth be told... Read more
Gerler Symposium on Race and Equity in Philosophy for Children at the University of Washington.
The philosophy for children movement builds on children's curiosity about the world around them and helps young students to develop critical questioning and thinking skills through exploring philosophical topics. In philosophical discussions, children explore a wide variety of issues related to ethics, justice, freedom, mind, perception, knowledge, and aesthetics. Given its critical dialogical methods, and its emphasis on respectful engagement on contentious issues that matter to students,... Read more
Open book with tea cup outdoors
The summer brings pools, beaches, travel, barbecues and, most importantly, books! Here are some recommendations of books our faculty have read or are looking forward to reading this summer to add to your list. Michael Blake Just Married: Same Sex Couples, Monogamy, and the Future of Marriage by Stephen Macedo One thing I’m trying to read right now, in the aftermath of the... Read more
Philosophy Graduation 2018
On June 8th, the Department of Philosophy celebrated the graduates of the class of 2018 at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture. Together, the students earned seventy bachelor’s degrees and one doctoral degree in philosophy, Alumnus Nick Hanauer (BA ’81) delivered our graduation reception address and spoke to the graduates about the value of his philosophy degree, telling them: You graduates all go into the world at a very interesting and challenging moment in American history.... Read more
Awards Reception
The Department of Philosophy continued its tradition this year of celebrating our award recipients with an Awards Reception held in our department home Savery Hall. Awards were given to recipients by faculty members who shared personal experiences they have had with the award recipients in the classroom and during office hours to the delight of family and friends. Thank you to our many alumni and friends who make it possible for us to support our undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty... Read more
Professor Charles Mills
(This article was originally published on the Simpson Center website.) Philosopher Charles W. Mills spoke on "Liberalism and Racial Justice" in a Katz Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities on Wednesday, May 16, in Kane Hall 210. The lecture is part of year-long series on... Read more
The trouble with inequalities in global health partnerships — Carina Fourie
Congratulations to Professor Carina Fourie, whose paper “The trouble with inequalities in global health partnerships” was published in the open-access web journal Medicine Anthropology Theory. The journal has created a themed issue led by the University of Washington faculty examining the notion of “partnership” as it is used in global health and related fields. The issue grows out of... Read more
Andrea Woody
As the days lengthen and the sun returns, things are bustling inside the Philosophy Department much as they are on the main quad outside Savery Hall.  In April, we hosted our yearly Rabinowitz Symposium in Medical Ethics exploring the role of family and other loved ones in healthcare.  This wonderful event will be followed by a... Read more
Melanie Tate
Congratulations to doctoral candidate Melanie Tate on being awarded an Arlene Hunter Scholarship for the 2018-2019 academic year. The scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to highly deserving students in the Humanities. Melanie is developing a project on Rene Descartes' theory of emotions, particularly his view of love. We look forward to this project developing further in the coming year.  
Sam Sumpter
Congratulations to doctoral candidate Sam Sumpter on being selected as the Alvord Fellow in the Humanities for the 2018-2019 academic year. The Alvord Fellowship is the College of Arts and Sciences' most prestigious graduate student award in the Humanities. Additionally, the College has awarded Sam a scholarship from the Frank L. and Catherine D. Doleshy Endowed Fund. Together, these two awards provide a full year of funding to support intensive dissertation work. Sam's... Read more