Recent News

Professor Alison Wylie’s Katz Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities “What Knowers Know Well: Why Feminism Matters to Archaeology” served as the opening keynote for the conference Feminism and Classics 7: Visions. Professor Wylie’s lecture looked at neglected questions about women, gender, and sexuality that have been on the archaeological agenda since the late 1980s, and gender-inclusive archaeology which has transformed what we know about the past. But some of its strongest... Read more
Congratulations to PhD Candidate Dustyn Addington who was awarded the Dan Gerler Dissertation Fellowship! The fellowship will allow Dustyn to take a quarter off from teaching to focus on writing his dissertation, “The Value of Non-Conscious Judgments.” In this dissertation, Dustyn will be examining how some of the most important judgments we make – such as academic admissions, hiring, voting, medical treatments, and jury decisions – are not based on conscious, step-by-step reasoning, but rather... Read more
Are We Alone in the Universe?
On Monday, June 13th, from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM PST, The New York Academy of Sciences will be live streaming the panel discussion: “Are We Alone in the Universe?” Featuring UW Philosophy Professor, Stephen Gardiner. The Fermi Paradox—the apparent contradiction between the high probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of contact with such civilizations—continues to captivate our minds. Are we alone in the universe or were other civilizations destroyed as a result... Read more
Congratulations to Julie Michlal who has been awarded the Elizabeth Kerr Macfarlane Endowed Scholarship from the UW College of Arts and Sciences for 2016-2017! Julie is double majoring in philosophy and political science, and is currently in her junior year. In her senior year, Julie will pursue both the philosophy and political science honors programs, in which she plans to write a thesis in political philosophy, while simultaneously enrolling in graduate seminars across both... Read more
Congratulations to Philosophy PhD Candidate Olin Robus, who was awarded the prestigious Graduate School Presidential Dissertation Fellowship for 2016-2017! This competitive award, which provides one quarter of full fellowship funding with tuition and benefits, is intended to assist PhD candidates in the final stages of writing and... Read more
Enthusiastic congratulations to Andrea Sullivan-Clarke who completed her PhD in June 2015. Dr. Sullivan-Clarke has accepted a Consortium for Faculty Diversity (CFD) Postdoctoral Fellowship at Depauw University.  As a CFD Fellow, she will be doing research on Native American and Feminist Philosophy while working on issues of diversity with Dr. Andrew Cullison at the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics.
Warm congratulations to recent PhD Asia Ferrin who has accepted an appointment as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Kansas State University for 2016-2017. Kansas State is in Manhattan, KS - affectionately known as the ‘little apple’ - and is home to a spectacular community of philosophers, a number of whom share Dr. Ferrin's interests in judgment and decision-making and are deeply committed to inclusive and engaging undergraduate education.  Dr. Ferrin defended her dissertation, “Intelligent... Read more
Congratulations to Matthew Sample, PhD, who has accepted a postdoctoral position at the Neuroethics research unit at the Institut de Rescherches Cliniques de Montréal (under the supervision of Eric Racine). This position will involve leading research efforts to examine ethical and social issues in the use of brain-computer interfaces. Matthew successfully defend his dissertation, “Evaluating Neural Futures: Good Technoscience and the Challenge of Co-Production," in May 2016.
Progress in the Sciences and in the Arts lecture by Philip Kitcher on April 6, 2016. This lecture challenged the common view that the sciences make progress while the arts do not. Distinguishing teleological progress (coming closer to a goal) from pragmatic progress (solving some of the problems of your current state), Kitcher argues that scientific progress should be seen as pragmatic. From this view, it becomes evident that scientific progress has social dimensions.... Read more
"Stimulating the Self" poster by Sam Sumpter
On Friday, April 22nd the UW Department of Philosophy, along with the Program on Values and the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering will host a day-long symposium entitled "Stimulating the Self: Neurotechnology, Identity, and Agency." The symposium will be from 9:00-5:00 in HUB 332. The... Read more