Program on Values in Society

The Program on Values in Society (POV) is dedicated to research, teaching, and outreach on ethical issues that arise across the disciplines.  The Program is committed to facilitating the multidisciplinary collaboration that is essential to finding practical and insightful responses to today’s myriad moral problems. The members of the Core Faculty are currently working on a variety of issues, including global climate change and geoengineering; immigration and international justice; and medical practice and disability rights. 

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You can get involved in POV in a variety of ways.  We host symposia and workshops throughout the year, all of them open to the public.  We sponsor a certificate program for graduate students, and a minor for undergraduate students.  We also have a prize for graduate students whose work combines excellence in their own disciplines with a commitment to ethical analysis!

The Program on Values in Society offers an undergraduate minor and a graduate certificate. More details can be found on their respective pages listed below. 

Program on Values Offerings

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