Newsletter Fall 2014 Awards and Achievements

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Michael Blake's book Debating Brain Drain: May Countries Restrict Emigration? with Gillian Brock will be published in early 2015.

Lauren Hartzell Nichols has three recent publications: "An interdisciplinary assessment of climate engineering strategies" Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, "Adaptation as precaution" Environmental Values, and "From 'the' precautionary principle to Precautionary Principles" Ethics, Policy & Environment.

Carole Lee won first prize for most creative idea for identifying Commensuration Bias in Grant Review from the National Institutes of Health Peer Review Challenge, along with Professor Elena Erosheva, UW Statistics.

Colin Marshall's paper "Hume vs. the vulgar on resistance, nisus, and the impression of power" was accepted for publication at Philosophical Studies. He was also invited to contribute to the forthcoming Cambridge Critical Guide to Spinoza's Ethics and to the forthcoming Cambridge Kant Lexicon. Colin was invited to speak at the University of Victoria and at the Pacific Meeting of the North American Kant Society.

Bill Talbott published two articles: "How could a 'blind' evolutionary process have made human moral beliefs sensitive to strongly universal, objective moral standards?" in the journal Biology and Philosophy and "Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Hypothetical Consent," in Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Cosmopolitan Ideals, ed. by Matthias Lutz-Bachmann and Amos Nascimento. Bill was also instrumental in the successful nomination of Professor Rainer Forst of the University of Frankfurt to be the UW Solomon Katz Lecturer in spring quarter 2015. In winter quarter 2015, Bill will be teaching an Honors Capstone course on the topic: What Is Philosophy? How Is It Possible? (Or Is It?).


Tim Brown received a two-year RAship from the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) to run a research project exploring how individuals' senses of identity and agency are affected by closed loop deep brain stimulators designed to treat essential tremor.

Benjamin Hole was awarded the Joff Hanauer Graduate Fellowship.

Alex Lenferna was awarded a research fellowship for the Winter, Spring and Fall quarters of 2015 from the National Science Foundations' Integrated Graduate Education Research and Training (IGERT) Program on Ocean Change.

Janice Moskalik is a Philosophy for Children Fellow, 2014-15 and Friends of Philosophy Dissertation Fellow. Her paper "Interdisciplinary Kids: Different Perspectives, Coming Together" was accepted at the NW Philosophy Conference.

Olin Robus' paper "Does Science License Metaphysics" will be published in Philosophy of Science in 2015.

Elizabeth Scarbough was awarded the Elizabeth Kerr McFarlane Endowed Fellowship; the Presidential Dissertation Completion Fellowship; and was named the Teaching and Learning Coordinator for the Philosophy Department. Her publication, "Unimagined Beauty" has come out in the Journal of Aesthetic and Art Criticism.

Paul Tubig presented his paper "The Place of Health in the Liberal Theory Justice" at the 12th Annual Graduate Student Conference: Biomedical Epistemology and Bioethics at the University of Miami.


Evan Mann was awarded the Friends of Philosophy Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award.

Kelci Mumford was awarded the Friends of Philosophy Outstanding Graduating Senior Award.

Spencer Paulson was awarded the Kenneth Clatterbaugh Scholarship.

Alexia Symos was awarded the Friends of Philosophy Graduate Student Choice Award and the Thomas A. Lederman Scholarship.