Scientific Collaboration and Collective Knowledge: New Essays

Boyer-Kassem, Thomas, Conor Mayo-Wilson, and Michael Weisberg, eds. Scientific Collaboration and Collective Knowledge: New Essays. Oxford: Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

Despite its growing prevalence and importance, there is relatively little philosophical work analyzing collaborative research in the sciences. What are the benefits and costs of such collaborations, and are current practices for encouraging collaborations optimal? How should credit for discovery and responsibility for error be attributed to large collaborative groups of scientists? How ought collaborating scientists summarize their findings if they disagree about the interpretation of their results? That is, philosophical methods are especially suited to answering (i) conceptual questions about the ways in which scientific collaborations might take place, and (ii) normative questions about how scientific institutions ought to be organized in light of such possibilities. This book gathers contributions from internationally-recognized philosophers, dedicated to such questions about scientific collaboration.

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