Hypatia: Special Double Issue on Feminism and Science

Hankinson Nelson, Lynn and Wylie, Alison, eds. Hypatia : Special Double Issue on Feminism and Science 19.1 (2004). 

Feminist analyses of science have grown dramatically in scope, diversity, and impact in the years since Nancy Tuana edited the two-volume issue of Hypatia on “Feminism and Science” (Fall 1987, Spring 1988). What had begun in the 1960s and 1970s as a “trickle of scholarship on feminism and science” had widened by the mid-1980s “into a continuous stream” (Rosser 1987, 5). Fifteen years later, the stream has become something of a torrent. The essays assembled for this special issue of Hypatiarepresent a vibrant field of scholarship that has matured and diversified in many respects, and that presupposes a number of hard-won insights that were just beginning to emerge in the mid-1980s. To take the measure of these developments, consider briefly where we have come from.

Status of Research