CBC Radio One, Ideas: My Brother's - and My Sister's - Keeper, Part 1

Blake, Michael (interview). "My Brother's - and My Sister's - Keeper, Part 1," Ideas with Paul Kennedy (CBC Radio One), May 1, 2013, http://www.cbc.ca/radio/ideas/my-brother-s-and-my-sister-s-keeper-part-1-1.2913421.


Anything you can do to make someone's life better, you must do. Right? But how much do you owe to other people, and who should you help: your family, your neighbours, strangers in far-away-countries? In this two-part series, philosophers Michael Blake, Simone Chambers and Arthur Ripstein, along with IDEAS producer Sara Wolch, consider the limits and the extent of our obligations to others, as individuals and as a society.

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