Implications of COVID-19’s Gender and Sex Inequalities

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Fourie, Carina, and Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra. “Implications of COVID-19’s Gender and Sex Inequalities: The Significance of Social Justice for Pandemic Responses.” IJFAB Blog (blog), October 13, 2020.

An exploration of questions about the role of sex and gender during the COVID-19 pandemic helps to underline the problem with defining the moral aims of public health planning for pandemics as the protection and promotion of health exclusively, or the reduction of health disparities, or both – at least where ill-health is measured as the morbidity and mortality associated with the pandemic disease. Pandemic planning must take account of the effect of pandemics and responses to them on existing social injustices, and on how health can be affected both by the disease itself as well as by responses to the pandemic.